Do you love comfort books?

Reading is a joy, especially when you discover uplifting stories and charming places within the pages of a book. With our curated boxes, you will discover the pleasure of getting lost in a good book with a specially chosen comfort book in each box.

Books and Tea Go Together!

Books and tea are like peanut butter and jelly--they just go together! With a package of tea in each curated box, you can unwind with the comforting duo of tea and an engaging book. Let the aroma and flavor enhance your reading journey.

Cozy Comfort, Warming Candles.

A cozy space to read and drink tea needs the warm, comforting glow of a candle. Candles delight the senses and bring soothing ambiance to your reading experience. Each of our boxes includes a unique candle sourced from a small business to enjoy while reading.

Extra Touches

Little details make our box special. Within each curated box is a little packet just for you! The envelope will contain a small bookish gift, information about the book and its author, a special invitation to join our book discussion live, and other surprises.

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Gifts for YOU!

I'm betting that you love to put together care packages for your loved ones, whether it's for your kids away at school or for faraway friends that you miss. It's a delight for them to be thought of and to receive a slice of home. I want to do the same for YOU! I want to send you a care package that you can unwrap with delight. I want to nurture your reading life and warm your heart by getting a book into your hands and tea into your cup.

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  • KidLit

    The kinds of stories that you loved as a kid, and continue to as an adult. Stories that you could read late into the night, under the covers with a flashlight because you just couldn't put it down. They are endearing and nostalgic, like old friends.

    KidLit will be the selection in our summer box because summer is the best time to enjoy childhood delights.

  • Cozy Mystery

    Classic whodunnits with a colorful cast of characters, often set in a charming community. The main detective is a delight to accompany as they ferret out clues and investigate mysterious situations. All comes right at the end, as the perpetrator of the crime is discovered.

    Cozy Mysteries will be the selection in our autumn box because fall is the best time to curl up with detective fiction.

  • Classics

    Timeless and familiar, classics have stood the test of time and continue to delight far after their original publication date. They invite us to visit times and places we have heard of and are eager to know more about.

    Classics will be the selection in our winter box because winter rest gives us the time and space to explore deeper stories.

  • Literary Fiction

    Stories with charming settings, relatable characters, and light romance, often in an historical setting. Vintage vibes abound and the book has an uplifting outlook. Even heavy themes are handled with a light touch, making them hopeful in spite of struggles.

    Literary Fiction will be the selection in our spring box because it's light and sunshiny, just like spring.

Hospitality and Connection

I have a passion for connecting people and books. I delight in hosting book club gatherings, welcoming friends in with plenty of yummy treats, delicious tea, and a place to get comfy and talk about what parts of the story really resonated with us. I love sharing book lists, exchanging recommendations, and finding new books to enjoy together and I relish creating a sense of place and an experience of hospitality. The Small Home Comforts Book Box is my way of bringing this hospitality and bookish love to you! In addition to the tangible products that arrive in the box, you will also receive an invitation to a live online gathering that I host where we will get to connect with others and celebrate what we loved about the book.

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How often do I receive my book box?

The Small Home Comforts Book Box goes out four times a year: July, October, January, and April

When do I get charged and when does the box arrive?

You will be charged on the 15th of the month prior to receiving the box (i.e. the July boxes will be charged on the 15th of June, the October boxes will be charged on the 15th of September, etc.)

The boxes themselves will be shipped out on the 1st of the month designated for that box, or the nearest business day after if the 1st happens to land on a weekend. NOTE--an exception to this is the January box, which will go out on the 3rd or the nearest business day after if the 3rd is on a weekend.

What kinds of books can I expect in my book boxes?

In each box you will receive a book that corresponds with the genre that quarter. Summer books will be kidlit; fall books will be cozy mystery; winter books will be classics; spring books will be literary fiction. The books will tend to have a vintage vibe, which sometimes means older publication dates, but sometimes will be newer publications with the same feel as the older treasures. Themes will be uplifting, encouraging a hopeful outlook.